Creating a 3 Way Switch Without Running Traveller Wires

Here’s the typical problem, that you can easily solve for your customers.  They have a light switch controlling a lamp or light.  But they’d like to control that same light from another spot.  Maybe a second entrance way to the same room, the other end of the hall, etc.  Basically a ‘virtual 3 way’.

Generally it’s not practical to run ‘traveller wires’ from one switch to the new remote switch.  We can easily work around this with automated switches.

Just replace the original switch with an Insteon 2477S switch or 2477D dimmer.

Then, in the new location, see if you can get power to a switch.  Either pull it from a receptacle on the same wall, or add an extra gang to an existing wall box.  If you can do this, just get a second 2477S or 2477D and get hot and neutral (power) to it.   Then simply program each switch to ‘talk’ to each other.  (AKA create a 2 way link between them) and each switch will control the other, and your load!

So what if you can’t get power to the second (remote) switch location?  No problem.  Insteon makes a Remotelinc switch which is exactly the size of a Decora paddle.  It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts over 6 months on a charge, and takes 30 minutes to recharge by USB.  They also make a little wall mount bracket that lets it mount on the wall.  Add a trim plate and it looks EXACTLY like another wall switch.  Or you can take lets say a 2 gang wall box, take off the trim plate, get a 3 gang plate and put the RemoteLinc in the 3rd gang location.. then it looks like part of the switch bank.  In both cases, just create an Insteon link from the RemoteLinc to the main 2477 switch/dimmer and you’re done.

In both cases, Insteon uses both existing 120V wiring and RF communication to let the remote switch talk to the main switch… so no need to fish wires between switches!