August Locks Perfect For Condo Automation

Condo owners looking to automate their front door lock are often faced with a challenge because the condo corporation won’t allow door hardware to be changed out for a Zwave or other style of automated lock.  This makes the August Door Lock a perfect option because it doesn’t require changing door hardware.  The August lock attaches to the existing deadbolt hardware on the inside of the door so no-one will know there’s any change from the outside.

By adding the August lock, homeowners can use their iPhone or Android phone to unlock the door via Bluetooth.  Plus they can give virtual electronic keys to friends, babysitters or maintenance people to allow temporary or scheduled access.   The new August lock is also HomeKit enabled

Add a WIFI adapter and the August lock can be controlled and access granted using an Internet connection for more versatility.

For newly constructed condos or retrofit where allowed, adding an August video doorbell also enables Internet access (so the WIFI adapter isn’t needed), and also allows the homeowner to answer the door or get notifications when someone arrives using their smart device inside or over the Internet.

Both devices are an excellent option for new high rise, condo and retrofit installs.  In fact builders and rental property owners should consider adding the August doorbell as a standard or upgrade feature, which then leads to an opportunity to add the lock any time.  Either way it’s a great gateway product for adding additional smart automation in the home.