Controlling Boat House, Barn, Shed, Shop Lights From House

We’re often asked how to control a remote light switch in a barn, shed, boat house or shop – from a switch in the house.  Assuming the remote building is fed from the same breaker panel, we have a simple answer for you.  The Simply Automated V3WAY is a kit containing 2 switches that are factory linked to talk to each other.   They communicate using the existing 120V house electrical wiring.

Replace the remote switch with one of the V3Way switches.   Then in the house, extend an existing junction box with another switch, or run power (hot & neutral) to the new remote switch location and install the second V3way switch.

That’s it.  No programming.

The technology behind these switches is UPB which is a high power signal that travels over electrical wiring.  This solution works best if both locations are fed from the same panel on the same electrical ‘phase’, otherwise a phase coupler may be required.  UPB has a strong signal than Insteon or X10, and has much better range than RF technologies like ZWave, making it perfect for this application.