DoorBird IP Video Intercom Perfect For Integration

We’re excited to have a new product to announce!  DoorBird IP Video intercoms go beyond offering the ability to remotely answer the door from an Android or iOs phone or tablet.  Yes, customers can answer the door from inside the house and outside using an Internet connection with free iOs and Android apps much like with Ring.  We love Ring by the way!

Check out what has us excited about Doorbird:

  • Surface and heavy duty flush mount options.  High quality German engineered.
  • Very high quality image and great night vision
  • WIFI and Ethernet connectivity
  • Relay output for triggering a chime, door strike, garage door or gate!
  • DC powered or PoE powered – can run everything off one CAT5e or CAT6 cable!
  • High quality image with custom codex requiring only 500Kb Internet upload vs 1.0 to 1.5 required by other players
  • ONVIF support allowing integration with on site NVR or CMS/VMS software
  • API for local LAN integratoin including MJPEG stream support for touch screens and GUI integration
  • SIP support
  • Control4 drivers available


Stock just arrived and will be online on Friday.  We expect the first batch will sell pretty quickly.