Music Streamers for One Room or Whole House Music

If you or your clients are tired of bluetooth speakers or the high cost or lack of flexibility with other music systems, check out our music streamers.  While Bluetooth ties you to your speaker, a music streamer plays music on its own and is simply controlled by an iOs or Android app.

Play music from online sources like TuneIn or Spotify, from local music libaries on a NAS, or from an iTunes library.  Or use your favourite music client on a computer to send music to the streamer using DLNA.

Each streamer in the home or office can play its own stream, or multiple units can be virtually linked to play the same music for whole house audio.

There are several varieties.  The M5 Audiocast connects to your network via WiFi and has a line output to connect to a set of amlified speakers or a stereo system input.  The M30 adds a line input of its own so it can broadcast to other units.  It also has a SPDIF digital output and wired Ethernet connection in addition to Wifi.

The AMP160 has a class D 80W x 2 amplifier built in so it can directly power passive speakers.  Run speaker wiring outdoors and it makes a great amplified music source for the backyard or pool.  Or use the line output from the M5 or M30 to connect to a larger or existing amp.

There is also a plug-in for Fibaro HomeCenter 2 that creates a virtual device in Homecenter to allow control on screen or from scenes/schedules.

We’ve been testing these music streamers and they’re priced right, work well and provide great flexibility.