New WatchNET 5MP AI IP Camera Kits

WatchNET has released a new set of their very popular IP camera kits. These pre-configured kits combine an NVR with a pre-installed hard drive and plug and play IP cameras matching the NVR. The new kits support AI detection features not found in most other available kits. The new WatchNET 5MP AI IP camera kits support fenced area protection, AI motion detection and line crossing with person and vehicle classifications so users can be alerted to specific security events reliably.

WatchNET IP camera kits have built in PoE ports to connect the cameras, as well as providing power. When plugged in to the NVR camera ports, camera configuration is plug and play with no messy network settings required.

The cameras also have an on board microSD card slot for local edge recording in addition to recording to the NVR. Easy remote access via P2P and free iOS and Android apps are standard features. As is WatchNET’s free multi-site VMS software.

WatchNET IP camera kits offer the installer a quality surveillance system with easy set up, easy configuration and ease of use for the end user while adding AI support and other advanced features.