Ring Smart Lighting Distributor Aartech Canada

Aartech Canada is an authorized wholesale distributor for Ring products including the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Cameras and the Ring Alarm. With the recent launch of Ring Smart Lighting we are now a stocking distributor for this product line as well.

Ring Smart Lighting has built in motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity. The lights turn on automatically when someone sets of the sensor.

This in itself is not a smart feature – we’ve had motion sensing floodlights for years.

But the Ring Smart Lighting system takes this old concept into the future by allowing groups of Ring Smart Lights to be grouped together so that when motion is sensed, the whole group turns on.

Better yet, Ring Smart Lights can be turned on and off using the Ring app and they can also be tied in to the Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Cameras to activate automatically.

One Ring Bridge is required for each installation in order to let the Ring Smart Lights talk to the home’s WiFi and the Ring cloud service and apps.

The launch of Ring Smart Lighting expands their concept of the Ring of Security by tying lights, cameras, doorbells and alarms in to one cohesive system that can provide convenience and security.

If you’re a dealer already, simply check the www.aartechpro.ca web site or reach out to your account manager for more information.

If you’re not an Aartech Pro dealer, visit our dealer sign up page and we’ll get you set up so you can have access to wholesale pricing for Ring products.