Leviton Omni Pro and HLC Discontinued – Alternatives?

Leviton is phasing out the Omni and Omni Pro security and automation systems and associated products. Additionally, their HLC UPB lighting control line is also being phased out.

Omni HLC Discontinued Now What

If you’ve been installing Omni and HLC security and automation products, where do we go from here now that they are being discontinued? This article touches briefly on some possible alternatives but please reach out to us to discuss options in more detail.

The Omni and Omni Pro systems were one of the original security and automation controllers and Omni is well known for its power and flexibility. The Omni line was originally manufactured by HAI and then later absorbed by Leviton and rolled in to it’s automation business where it carried on until 2019.

From Leviton’s perspective, they’re recommending that installers consider their Decora Smart WiFI dimmers and switches, or their Decora Smart ZWave, Zigbee and HomeKit controls. All of these are a fine choice depending on the installation environment and requirements.

While not a direct replacement, Leviton also produces the OmniBus wired lighting system which can be used stand alone as a scene lighting control system in bars, restaurants, boardrooms, small business and light commercial applications. Omni Bus can also be used with the Lumina Gateway.

The Elk M1 Gold is the most similar alternative to Omni. The M1 Gold is a full featured security and automation system with incredibly powerful built in rules based programming. As a security system it supports over 200 zones using wired zones, plus wireless sensors from Elk, Interlogix and Honeywell. The M1 Gold can be used with UPB as well as Insteon, ZWave, Lutron RadioRA and other lighting control systems.

If you’ve been using HLC UPB lighting, Simply Automated UPB products work with other UPB systemS and so they can be used with both Omni and Elk M1 panels!

The Alula Connect+ security system is a fine choice for residential and small business installations focused primarily on security with ZWave device support available.

There are also several smart hubs available including Vera, Hometroller, Fibaro, ISY994 and SmartThings that can automate your life and your customer’s homes.

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