Uniview Continues To Impress With New Mini Bullets and NVR

Uniview has been impressing installers and customers alike with it’s easy to set up plug-and play POE NVRs and high quality cameras.  One thing we’ve noticed about Unview is that they clearly put a lot of thought in to their designs.

The new IPC2122SR3 series is an attractive and compact mini bullet with fixed 3.6 or 6 or 12mm lens with smart infrared night vision up to 30m, a solid bracket with cable pass through design, and 2 megapixel 1080P high def resolution.  The camera is solid, the bracket holds solid and tight, and the face has a beautiful flush design so you aren’t staring at a ring of infrared LEDs.

When combined with one of the POE Uniview NVRs these cameras just plug in and automatically assign themselves to a channel.  I really doesn’t get any easier.

At the same time, Uniview has brought out a new compact, fanless NVR called the NVR201-04LP.  This new model is quiet and efficient but once again, engineering was smart enough to ensure it doesn’t overheat.  In fact it runs cooler than many other NVRs with fans!  This model has 4 POE ports built in and a single SATA HDD bay internally.  It’s sharp looking and quiet and we think it’s going to be a huge seller for the residential and SOHO markets!